Outdoor Dining

To have the opportunity to entertain outside in relaxed and agreeable surroundings can be such a treat! When you live in a beautiful country like Australia, where the climate is good and warm most of the year, dining outside is definitely a perk you can’t ignore.

However, a lot of people don’t spend nearly as much time as they would in their backyards for one very good reason. Their outdoor settings aren’t appealing and surely, what’s not appealing won’t make you spend more time in the fresh air.

Of course, people have different reasons for not making that extra outdoor space they have, a nice outdoor dining area. One reason does seem to stand out though; people are reluctant to spend money one outdoor settings because they believe that nice outdoor furniture is expensive and they also assume- wrongly- that it is not a good investment since it involves changing the tables and chairs every year because of weather damage.

Now, this was true a few years ago, but not anymore. High-quality, weather-resistant, comfortable and visually appealing outdoor furniture are nowadays extremely affordable. Our company- www.Breezedirect.com.au- provides just that…and more!

We have a wide range of outdoor setting furniture that will turn your garden, backyard or patio into a luxurious oasis where you can dine and enjoy the sun just as it should be.

Our Majorca 10 model for instance is an outstanding outdoor dining set that was built with people’s comfort in mind. First of all, the large dining table can sit up to 10 people. The Majorca 10 model features a large table, six chairs fitted with comfortable seat and back cushions as well as four extra footstools, also fitted with nice cushions.

The Majorca table, chairs and stools have been built with aluminium frame powder and polyethylene wicker and the table has solid 5mm white tempered glass top. Our Majorca 10 outdoor dining set is sleek-looking and has been built to last.

At Breezedirect we do like to offer our customers several choices, depending on their own needs, the sizes of their backyard and of course their personal budget.

Another great outdoor furniture set we can recommend is the Desire range. Just like the previous one, the Desire model has been built to provide our customers the best comfort possible but also a nice design that will fit in perfectly well with their own surrounding. This model can seat up to 8 guests.

For those of you who enjoy a bit of exoticism, you will definitely be spoilt. The Desire outdoor dining set has a modern Bali inspired design. The table and chairs are made up of a synthetic wicker material woven- and our high-end furniture comes with some extra protection that ensures its longevity. Indeed, to get such quality, the different dining sets are all built over a powder coated aluminium frame that render it totally weather and rust proof.

Finally, our last model is our sleek looking Ibiza Outdoor Wicker dining set. This model can sit up to 8 people– 4 chairs and 4 stools– and was designed specifically for home owners who don’t have a vast backyard but still want to enjoy the luxury of some high-end outdoor furniture. The table is fitted with a tempered glass top and is like all our furniture, not just made for one season but made to last!