Daybeds & Sun Lounges

Outdoor Daybeds and Sun Lounges are such great accessories whether you want to compliment your backyard or your pool side. When the weather is hot, spending an afternoon snoozing or reading a book is such a treat. But just like every accessory you buy to decorate your indoor or outdoor space, quality is essential.

Many home owners end up disappointed with outdoor furniture purchases that in the end, they spend more time inside instead of outside soaking up the sun and breathing in the fresh air. And this is such a shame, especially in warm regions like Australia, where the weather is good most of the year.

Quality, reliability and good style are the three main things you need to consider when hunting for outdoor daybeds, sun lounges or any other outdoor accessory. And of course, prices too! provides exactly what you are looking for. Our company specializes in providing the most stylish and high-quality outdoor accessories at sale prices!

If what you are looking for is a stylish and comfortable daybed, we have exactly what you need! Our beautiful Rondo Balinese-inspired piece has been developed and built with 3 main objectives in mind! Style, comfort and durability. The diameter of the bed is 180 cm and is fitted with a 10 cm high-quality cushion

To make it even more comfortable, the Rondo comes with 9 plush pillows that compliment the stylish look of this great piece of outdoor furniture. The entire frame of the Rondo is made from aluminium which is fitted with polyethylene wicker. The Rondo daybed is totally weather and rust proof making it at the same time a nice item to compliment your backyard, poolside or garden but also a long- time investment!

The Moon Model featured on our site offers more than just a nice and comfy daybed! Although slightly smaller in size, this lovely sophisticated piece of furniture has been fitted with a retractable hood. If what you are looking for is a stylish, comfortable and practical outdoor bed, you should definitely consider this model.

The Moon has been built using the best commercial aluminium and PE wicker. The mattress is very comfortable and comes with 3 square pillows and another long pillow. The retractable hood, which colour matches the cushions is really what gives this great piece of furniture its style.

Finally, another great piece we have in store for you is our Doze Wicker Outdoor Sun Lounge! The Doze is the sun lounge that will compliment your terrace or poolside! Its sleek and modern design will be a hit with guests, friends and family! Just a look at the Doze sun lounge and one word comes to mind straight away: relaxation!

That’s right! This practical and durable piece of furniture is very convenient with its adjustable position. It also comes with a side table where you can place your favourite book or drink whilst you soak up the sunshine or go for a dip in the pool! All our products are made to last and the Doze model is made up of the aluminium and PE wicker to ensure its durability.